Trapped By Fear Part 3

Uncontrolled Fear Can Make Us Sick The things we fear seldom happen Steps we can take to control fear The Fear of God—Can Free Us From Uncontrolled Fear of Man & Circumstances

Trapped By Fear Part 2

Young & Old Experience Fear When Fear Prevents us from doing what we want to do we are Trapped When Fear Prevents us from doing what we should do we are Trapped Fears Often are Worse at night & Fade in The Morning

Settlers @ Plymouth Knew Truth & Were Willing To Die For It

In the year 1620 Believers in Jesus Christ as their savior landed at Plymouth Rock. • They came because their biblical convictions caused them to be persecuted. • They risk health & life, for their Biblical Convictions. • Believers today, face the same spiritual challenges they did. • Do you have biblical convictions—would you risk your life for them? • Is what you believe about the bible because you have proven it or just heard it?