Daniel Loved of God & Hero of Mine

• Daniel— Captive in a strange country—Yet true to God • Daniel—Purposed in his heart • Daniel—Could have compromised—It would have been understandable • Daniel—Used by God to reveal to us what will happen to the world in the future

Shocking Accusations if Immoral Conduct by Powerful Men

• Historically, some of the “movers & shakers” in Entertainment, Politics, & Industry have taken sexual advantage of young women & Men? • Talk show hosts, politicians, etc. sound like such accusations are a new thing—they can’t be that naïve. • Have the past scandals of religious leaders who sexually abused young boys & girls been forgotten? • Some people who make huge sums of money by depicting SIN as entertainment— will engage in such activity themselves. Wouldn’t any thinking person expect that? • Some entertained from birth by acts of immorality, dishonesty, abuse of all kinds, disrespect for women, will participate in the same behavior that entertained…

Daniel Prophesied & It Happened

• Daniel, Jesus Christ (in the gospels), and John (in Revelation) all Prophesied of things coming on this earth. • Biblical prophets foretold before it happened what has happened to the Nation of Israel. • Biblical prophets have foretold what is going to happen to Israel & other nations on this earth. • The Biblical prophets tell us WHY the bad things have happened. • Biblical prophets have NOT told us WHEN God will sort it all out and make things right—“The Day of The Lord”— • The Day of The Lord is coming!!! • Live “Looking for “…the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior…

Peace With God

• Almost everyone feels a need for peace • We pursue peace in all kinds of activities • We never will find peace of mind until we have peace with God • Peace with God is ours through accepting Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior

Easter Does It Polute God’s Name

• The Bible nowhere connects Easter & the resurrection of Jesus Chris.t • The Bible nowhere tells us the date Jesus Christ arose from the dead. • The fact is that Rabbits do not lay eggs. • Easter was celebrated before Jesus Christ was born. • The Bible says of those practicing paganism & offering sacrifice supposedly to God—“Pollute ye my Holy Name no more”. • He says the same to Christians today.

REJOICE In HOPE Of The Glory Of God

• Through Jesus Christ we can rejoice in what the future holds • Potential success on the part of men to accomplish world peace doesn’t look good. • Financial success doesn’t look real good • Seems most are pessimistic about the benefits we will receive from political candidates. • Believers in Jesus Christ have something worth looking forward to.