Jesus Christ The Un recognized Light of The World

Most people in our culture have some positive thoughts about Jesus Christ & the Bible Few Recognize Him as “God With Us” – The Creator, The Savior of mankind Even with limited knowledge the song “How Great Thou Art” can promote deep emotion You can communicate directly with him in Prayer— He Will if you repent and ask Him:Forgive your sins He will through his word guide your life He will give you Light so you will understand where you are going. Jesus Christ Is The Light of the World—If you ask Him—He will be known to you!!!

The Battle of The Sexes Should Not Be

God created man and woman— there should be no battle between them Man needs a helper—To work with man as a team—They are on the same side Woman was created—Comparable to—Compatible with—Different from man They are created Different—but—of Equal value God said in marriage Woman is to be NOURISHED & CHERISHED by her husband God said in marriage Woman is to SUBMIT TO & RESPECT her husband

What I Don’t Believe About The Bible

• We are told to “Rightly Divide” The Bible (2Ti 2:15) • False Accusations directed toward me as to what that means • Some of What I don’t Believe about “rightly dividing” • Some of What I do believe about “rightly dividing” • Most Important Why I believe what I believe about rightly dividing • The Book of Revelation & Coming Events

To Live a Godly Life Who Should Follow

Exhortations from scripture tell us who we should follow Christians are told to be of the same mind in many scriptures Preachers & Parents can spiritually sacrifice their children to Satan Godly Preachers work to help believers to peacefully study to be of the same mind

Attitudes & Actions For A Wounderful Marriage

• An Elaborate Wedding Does Not A Wonderful Marriage Make • A Wonderful Marriages Requires The Same Attitude & Actions that a Godly life requires • To Have A Wonderful Marriage Both Partners Need To The Best of Their Ability: 1. Please— Each other 2. Adapt— To the other’s needs, desires, & preferences 3. Adjust— Their needs, and desires 4. Listen— For the purpose of understand—Not to rebut 5. Speak— Honestly, openly & lovingly