Sexual Molestation

Causes, Consequences & Cures
(Transcribed from a public message given in northern California by Robert Grove in the Fall of 1998.)

This message has been transcribed and edited with the prayer that the reader will gain a more complete picture of some of what is involved when one has been sexually abused or molested as a child.  It is our prayer that by putting this message in print it can provide comfort and direction to many who need the comfort and direction that comes from God’s word the Bible.  Also, I our prayer is that parents may be wiser in bringing up their children to anticipate and protect them from the actions of people who are driven by their own selfish desires.

I probably have spent more time in the last year or two working with adults who were molested as children than any other time in my life. I spoke on this subject a number of years ago in Virginia for the first time and was surprised at the response. A number of people stood and publicly stated that they understood (because they had experienced or were experiencing) what I described in this meeting.  They stated clearly, in some cases very emotionally that the things that I had said were true. They appreciated what I gave from God’s word regarding responsibility and accountability because, as I will develop, people that have been molested as children generally have a very distorted view of themselves. And, they have a very distorted view of their relationship with God, their value before God, and they find it very difficult to function comfortably in intimate relationships primarily in marriage.

Part of the reason for going over this is that I think it is really critical that we as parents recognize the fact that there is always the possibility that our child will be at risk. You might be surprised at some of the people and the relationships that children have had with some of the people that have sexually molested them in the course of a lifetime. And so I think that all of us as parents need to wake up and realize that it’s our responsibility to see to it, at least do what we can to see to it, that this doesn’t happen to our children.

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