All Believers Are Heirs Together Lets Act Like It part 1

Believers in Jesus Christ are “Heirs Together” We Are “Heirs Together” Because We Are Spiritually Born of God “Heirs Together” are Part of The Family of God Believing Husbands & Wives Spiritually are “Heirs Together” We Should Treat Each Other That Way How we Think of, Speak to, & Deal with Fellow Heirs is Important


God made EVERLASTING promises to Abram & Israel The promises/prophesies are to be fulfilled by MESSIAH The prophesies are 2 part— Suffering for mankind’s sins, & Ruling the world In Crucifying JESUS, the MESSIAH— Israel fulfilled the suffering promises Jesus The Messiah will come again to Rule and Israel as a nation will believe

Jesus Christ The Un recognized Light of The World

Most people in our culture have some positive thoughts about Jesus Christ & the Bible Few Recognize Him as “God With Us” – The Creator, The Savior of mankind Even with limited knowledge the song “How Great Thou Art” can promote deep emotion You can communicate directly with him in Prayer— He Will if you…