To Live a Godly Life Who Should Follow

Exhortations from scripture tell us who we should follow Christians are told to be of the same mind in many scriptures Preachers & Parents can spiritually sacrifice their children to Satan Godly Preachers work to help believers to peacefully study to be of the same mind

Attitudes & Actions For A Wounderful Marriage

• An Elaborate Wedding Does Not A Wonderful Marriage Make • A Wonderful Marriages Requires The Same Attitude & Actions that a Godly life requires • To Have A Wonderful Marriage Both Partners Need To The Best of Their Ability: 1. Please— Each other 2. Adapt— To the other’s needs, desires, & preferences 3. Adjust— Their needs, and desires 4. Listen— For the purpose of understand—Not to rebut 5. Speak— Honestly, openly & lovingly

How Could 300 “men of god” Rape over 1000 Children

• Bible Christianity Facilitates Morality • The Bible Gives Facilitators for Moral Living • The Bible Gives Qualifications for Men Who Should Be Trusted with People • Ignore The Bible To The Detriment of Children, Women, and Men • The Christian Church of the Bible will Follow Instructions From The Bible

It Will Be Worth It All WhenWe See Jesus

Obedience to God’s Biblical Instructions For Living will cause: – Ridicule, rejection & false accusations from those not obedient to God. – Obedient believers to be accused of being fanatics. – Those who suffer For Obedience to God’s will— will reign with Jesus Christ. – Our sufferings are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is coming.