The Hope of The Church in Contrast to The Hope of Isreal

• Israel beginning with Abraham was promised every physical blessing on earth • They were also promised forgiveness of sins when they called on God for Mercy • The Church today was promised every spiritual blessing in heavenly places • The Church today consists of Jews & Gentiles believing in Jesus Christ as Saviour • Jewish Believers when the Church began (Acts 11) had no idea of this • Today many believers today still don’t realize this • This ignorance contributes to Division among Christians today

Life’s Troubles & Failures Can Bring Us Near To God

• Most Have Very Traumatic Events At Some Time In Life • Most of Us Fail God At Some Time • God’s Mercy Is Based On The Work of Jesus Christ— • Being Accepted and Forgiven by God Is Not Based On Our Lifestyle • God Accepts us Because of The Work of Jesus Christ • When We Recognize Our Weakness—Then We Have His Strength

How To Stop Death by Police Officers

• The Bible Tells How Young Men Can Keep From Being Killed by Police Officers • The Death is not because Police Officers have guns. • The In most cases the Death is not because Police Officers are prejudiced • The Death In Most Cases Is Because The Person Killed Did Not Respect Authority • The Death In Most Cases Is Because The Person Did not Do What They Were Told to Do By God Authorized Authority. • They didn’t obey—They didn’t obey—They didn’t obey a simple command—STOP…!!! • Our Society doesn’t teach people respect and obedience— To God, Parents—School teachers— or The Police • The result for…

What Is The Bible All About?

• To reveal God’s love & plan for mankind. • Instruction—How to live an abundant life that is in our best interest and pleases God. • To reveal why mankind & our world in its present condition and the solution. Why Did God Create The Heavens & The Earth? • Heaven and earth were created by and for God. • To demonstrate for mankind God’s power, and God’s glory. • Has a habitation for mankind. Why did God create man, and told Adam & Eve to be fruitful and multiply? • To have a relationship based on mutual love (He loves us & we obey Him). • To…

Global Climate Change Is Coming—Man Can’t Stop It

• The Bible Tells The Climate Has Changed Several Times In Its History • The Hebrew Profits Tell Us God I Going To Change Climate • The Book of Revelation Tells Us God Will Change The Climate • The Only Thing That Would Stop It Would Be For Man as a Whole To Turn To God • Man As A Whole Will Not Repent & Turn To God • You Can Change—God Will Forgive You—He Will Give You Everlasting Life

Spritual Lessons From The Sinking of The Titanic Part 1

• The Titanic Billed as The Largest, Fastest Ship in The World • She was advertised & promoted as being unsinkable • Most all of us have or will face Titanic moments in our lives • The Titanic was sunk by—Greed, Pride, and Belief In a False Statement— “The Titanic Is Unsinkable” • We may think we are “Unsinkable”— Pried, Greed, Belief in Un-truths may sink us Emotionally, Financially, and or Spiritually • As The Titanic sank musicians played “Nearer My God To Thee” • Have you prayed that prayer??? • With God The Creator as your Savior and Lord Titanic events will draw you “Nearer to God”….