Spritual Lessons From The Sinking of The Titanic Part 2

• The Titanic Billed as being The Largest, Fastest Ship, & Unsinkable Ship • Off Newfoundland she hit an iceberg hundreds of people died. • The Bible tells us how to face Titanic Events in our lives and rise above them • The Bible gives the accounts of people facing Titanic events and winning over the odds by Faith in God. • Titanic events in your life can as the Musicians played while the Titanic sank “Nearer My God To Thee”

Bible Christianity VS Man Made Christianity

• What The World Knows as Christianity Practices Many Things NOT TAUGHT In The Bible. • What The World Knows as Christianity Practices Many things CONDEMNED in the Bible. • The Bible Says it Gives Instruction For All Good Works. • Do Know What The Bible Teaches From Your Study of The Bible—Or Do You Just Accept as True What You Are Told

Part 2 of In The Name of Empowerment Women Today Are Being Emasculated

Those who lead and guide us in this country are conditioning woman to lose the most valuable assets they have • It starts in kindergarten today. • It started in the 5th or 6th grades in my day • It was an attempt to prepare children to be sexually active without regard for Morality, and Modesty • Most of the parents didn’t approve of what was being taught but they didn’t see the end of the road.  The Nation Israel followed the same route of decline as we are. • They had the advantage of having God’s instruction for success • Having God bring them out of Egypt…

Part 3 of In The Name of Empowerment Women Today Are Being Emasculated

Looking around—Look at the statistics—Women are not happier, more at peace, healthier or more satisfied by the Sexual Revolution as it is called • 15 years ag0 I referenced a book by Wendy Shalit titled “The Return To Modesty” she saw on campus the misery of women who were trying to be Empowered who were very unhappy. • 15 years later she reprinted the book and expanded on it. • She had married, and she had 3 children— She still believed much of the unhappiness she saw was because women had given up Modesty and Morality—and were not Empowered by it. Look at the Bible and it tells…

Part 1 of In The Name of Empowerment Women Today Are Being Emasculated

A great effort is being made to convince women that to gain empowerment they need to: • Control Business and Politics • Abandon the greatest job on earth—raising the next generation of people • Fulfillment is being a success in what in the past was considered a man’s woman • Abandon Modesty, Morality, and empathy • A great effort is being made to convenience people that really men & women are the same • Men and women did not evolve differently they were designed differently • Women can do things man can not do • Men can do things women can not do • We were designed to…

Biblical Role Models For Todays Women

• Women today want what they have always wanted—love, affection, and approval • Masculinization of woman or feminization of men will not bring happiness & fulfillment to either • God designed Women & Men physically different—for a reason • God designed Women & Men emotionally different—for a reason • Success & fulfillment are achieved when both function in the roles God designed them to function • Sarah, Esther & Abigale in the bible are examples for Women wanting fulfillment todahy.