Trapped By Fear Part 3

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To Live a Godly Life Who Should Follow

Exhortations from scripture tell us who we should follow Christians are told to be of the same mind in many scriptures Preachers & Parents can spiritually sacrifice their children to...
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Spritual Lessons From The Sinking of The Titanic Part 1

• The Titanic Billed as The Largest, Fastest Ship in The World • She was advertised & promoted as being unsinkable • Most all of us have or will face...
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Biblical Role for Todays Women

  • Women today want what they have always wanted—love, affection, and approval • Masculinization of woman or feminization of men will not bring happiness & fulfillment to either •...
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Daniel Loved of God & Hero of Mine

• Daniel— Captive in a strange country—Yet true to God • Daniel—Purposed in his heart • Daniel—Could have compromised—It would have been understandable • Daniel—Used by God to reveal to...
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Religious Fusion

• We are told that Constantine brought about a “Fusion” between the church and the state. • We are told that Constantine adopted Christianity—but it didn’t cause him to turn...
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What Is Your Hope For Eternity or The Future

People Who Have No Anticipation For Better Times Often: • Become Suicidal— Homicidal— and/or Quit Trying • Life Becomes Bitter and a terrible burden • They Have No Joy In...
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How To Let Your Light Shine

How To Let Your Light Shine: If It Is Important To God That We Let Our Light Shine—We Need To Know How What Is “Our Light”? Is it Just Telling...
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Godly living for success-I

What kind of aroma are you to God? follow Robert Grove on Youtube
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