How Could 300 Men of God Rape over 1000 Children

Bible Christianity Facilitates Morality • The Bible Gives Facilitators for Moral Living • The Bible Gives Qualifications for Men Who Should Be Trusted with People … follow Robert Grove on...
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Spritual Lessons From The Sinking of The Titanic Part 1

• The Titanic Billed as The Largest, Fastest Ship in The World • She was advertised & promoted as being unsinkable • Most all of us have or will face...
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Spritual Lessons From The Sinking of The Titanic Part 2

  • The Titanic Billed as being The Largest, Fastest Ship, & Unsinkable Ship • Off Newfoundland she hit an iceberg hundreds of people died. • The Bible tells us...
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How to Stop Death by Police Officers

  • The Bible Tells How Young Men Can Keep From Being Killed by Police Officers • The Death is not because Police Officers have guns. • The In most...
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Global Climate Change Is Coming—Man Can’t Stop It

  • The Bible Tells The Climate Has Changed Several Times In Its History • The Hebrew Profits Tell Us God I Going To Change Climate • The Book of...
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Easter does not please God

• Does It honor Jesus Christ to mix His gospel with Paganism? • Where did the idea come from that watching the sun rise at the time of a pagan...
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What Is Your Hope For Eternity or The Future

People Who Have No Anticipation For Better Times Often: • Become Suicidal— Homicidal— and/or Quit Trying • Life Becomes Bitter and a terrible burden • They Have No Joy In...
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How Did The World Come To Be As It Is

• Important Expressions That Are Literal—not Figurative • “Then God Said….” • “According To Its Kind” • “The Evening and The Morning Were The 1st (or 2nd or 3rd or?)...
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A Critical Word Missing In Our Political Debates

• Politicians Talk About Important Issues • Marriage and What Constitutes Marriage• Can Sex Between Two of The Same Sex Result In Marriage”• Sexual Orientation • The Word SIN Never...
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