Colossians A Letter from God to You Via The Church Colossae Part 2

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  • A Letter from God to You— Penned by the Apostle Paul Should Get Your Attention—Does It?
  • It is Helpful to View The Bible Divided into 3 Sections:

1st Beginning with Gen 1 and Ends with Genesis 11. This covers approximately 2000 years. The earth is inhabited by Mankind. In that time the inhabitants of the earth have become corrupt, wicked, and violent. That section ends with God destroying all but eight people by a flood.

2nd The 2nd begins with the Promise made to Abraham & His Decedents. From that event through the Crucifixion & Resurrection of Jesus Christ and including the book of Revelation. The Bible works with the descendants Abraham, Isaac, Jacob—Israel (The Jews). How the fulfillment of promises made to Abraham & not fulfilled by Jesus Christ will come to pass is the subject of the book of Revelation.

3rd Describes the time in which we live. Beginnings with Acts 2—includes what is commonly called The Epistles.

➢ These scriptures reveal a New program— national identity is not an issue—The Church which is His Body is a “MYSTERY”— It was “NOT REVEALED IN PAST AGES…”.

  • Colossians is one of the books that reveal what God is DOING TODAY, What the future for the church is, and Why we are not to practice the Mosaic law with its physical ordinances.
  • The Books in The Bible from Romans to Jude ARE very important letters from God TO US—for TODAY.

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